Dhrubo Ganwala’s Sada Megher Vaje

A romantic song titled “Sada Megher Vaje” by present generation’s singer Dhrubo Ganwala. was released on the singer’s own YouTube channel, Dhrubo Ganwala. The song was penned and tuned by the singer himself. Rajan Saha, one of the renowned music director, composed the song while the music video has come into the reality by Anik khan. He also edited the music video. Shakhin Ahmed and Trina Hossain acted in the video. Dhrubo  Ganwala said,” I have an intense passion for singing from my childhood. My father was not a professional  singer, but could carry a tone. I was inspired by him.”

Dhrubo received his first musical lessons from local Music educators in his hometown. With aim of receiving higher education, he came in Dhaka, and got institutional music learning from Ahmed Elias for four consecutive years. He is also practicing Nazrul Geeti at Chhayanaut Sangeet Vidyatan and learning classical music form a prominent music instructor in Bangladesh.

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