Nafis Ahmed tied up in cinema and OTT

Nafis Ahmed gained audience attention in two massively popular web series: ‘Taqdeer’ and ‘Kaiser’. His performance in another series called ‘Kalo Projapoti’ aired on Binge, was also appreciated by the viewers. Nafis showed excellence in another web series titled ‘Internship’ released on Chorki.

He came into the limelight due to his tremendous acting skills in an important role named Sumit in Khijir Hayat Khan’s movie ‘Ora 7 Jaan’. Ashfaq Nipun directed web series ‘Mohanagar-2’ and Abu Shahed Emon’s web series ‘Marculis’ unveiled Nafis’ extraordinary skill on portraying characterization.

Senior artistes are returning to rekindle their talents in this booming era of OTT, meanwhile, newcomers also have got the platform to win the hearts of audience with their performance.

Now, we have got talented and hardworking artists like Nafis Ahmed. It can be said without a doubt that Nafis Ahmed can give his best in any role with perfection, if given a chance. Especially in ‘Mohanagar-2’, Nafis Ahmed played the character of a minister’s PS Titu Chowdhury. His get-up, look, delivery of dialogues, and body language have left the audience in awe.

The way Nafis Ahmed performed in his roles, competing one of the powerful actors in Bangladesh, Mosharraf Karim, thus, his performance envisages a great career for him.

Nafis already finished his shooting in Mustafa Kamal Raj directed ‘Omar’. Another web series titled ‘Red Circle’ is all set to be released. Besides, he will be seen in an important role in a government-granted short film.

Nafis Ahmed, once worked on theatres, is more active on OTT and big screen. He said, ‘I have also worked on TV. But now I want to settle on OTT platform and big screen. I am satisfied to work on these two mediums.’

Nafis Ahmed’ mother was always in his side for working in the media. Today he is a well-known face in the media. His persistence, his desire to choose quality projects, and his efforts as an actor to constantly challenge himself by playing challenging roles make his dream materialize into the reality.

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