Khaled Munna’s ‘The Folk Mashup’ released

Khaled Munna, a known face in drama and television introduced a new song titled ‘The Folk Mashup.’ Rosen Rahman tuned the song composing Bengali mystic poet Dewan Hason Raja Chowdhury and Fakir Lalon Shah’s few timeless songs.

Released from Khaled Munna’s YouTube channel and online distribution platform- Streamo Digital, the songs of this mashup are- ‘Nesha Lagilo Re’, ‘Kamlay Nritya Kare’, ‘Karimana Kam Chare Na’, ‘Milon Hobe Katodine’, ‘Sohag Chandbadni’, ‘Loke Bole Bole Re.’ Khaled Munna said – ‘I enjoy performing on stage while dancing. There are some music lovers who requested me to amalgam folk songs on modern music. I made ‘The Folk Mashup’ from this idea. I hope audience will find a different Khaled Munna here.’



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