Saberi Alam is really popular in short screen

Saberi Alam (born 12 September) is a Bangladeshi TV and film actress. She is best known for her performances in Madhumati (2011), Basundhara (2017) and Rajneeti (2017). Saberi started her career in 1979 in Bangladeshi theatres. Later, she acted in many theatre shows. She became a popular TV actress in 1990s, but took a hiatus for marriage. After 13 years, she returned on-screen with TV serial Dolls’ House in 2007. She received a 2016 Anannya Top Ten Awards for her contribution to acting.

She is popular actress in short screen. The actress has no plan for celebrating the day; rather, she will spend a busy day through participating in the shooting of the film titled ‘Ekti Cinemar Galpo’ directed by actor Alamgir. Saberi Alam is playing the role of Indian actress Rituparna’s mother in the film.

Usually, Saberi Alam’s birthday has not been celebrated since 2001 as her younger brother Ahir Alam died in a tragic road accident on September 11 in the same year. Ahir Alam was a brilliant TV play maker, who had come to the limelight with his tele-drama ‘Pret’ that was aired on Ekushey TV. His other notable tele-dramas were ‘Ekjon Bhalo Cheler Kahini’ and ‘Alo Andhokare Jai’, among others. Saberi Alam does not feel any urge to celebrate her birthday a day after his brother’s death anniversary.

However, Saberi Alam acted with Alamgir before in a film titled ‘Attodan’ directed by Shajahan Chowdhury. And this is for the first time that Saberi is working under the direction of Alamgir. On the whole, she considers the opportunity as a matter of good fortune.

Seberi Alam said, “I have been able to work in a film directed by actor Alamgir—I am considering myself as a fortunate one. This is also an honour for me working in his film. I am playing the role of mother of Rituparna and it also feels wonderful. She is such a brilliant and amiable artiste, who is cooperating with me immensely. Besides, I want blessing from everyone on my birthday that I would be able to live a happy and peaceful life with my family.”

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