Mesbah Uddin getting rewards for his philanthropy

Officers’ Club Dhaka is a welfare organization of senior officers of the government. Since its establishment in 1967, this club has gained countrywide recognition in the cultural arena. Many of the club members are officers of the Bangladesh Civil Service and work in various important government departments. The number of members of this club, including retired and current officers, is more than seven thousand.

The club has massive popularity among its members and their families for its regular social and cultural activities. The election for the club’s executive committee will be held on February 23, 2024. In this election, nine candidates will contest for the post of vice chairman, two candidates for the post of general secretary, six members for the post of joint secretary, two members for the post of treasurer, and 41 people for the post of member. For this election for the executive committee, an election campaign is going on at the club premises. Two fellow members are contesting for the post of general secretary in this election. According to a public opinion poll, Mesbah Uddin (former secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and current general secretary) is ahead in campaigning and popularity. According to a source, when he took charge of the club, the club’s debt was over TK 4 crore. But, in the last three years, he has paid all these club debts. At present, the club has earned more than TK7 cr in revenue. Through his personal efforts, he reduced municipal taxes to a great extent and took measures to pay municipal taxes. During the Corona epidemic, a Corona test booth was set up in the club premises on the personal initiative of Mr. Mesbah Uddin and with the cooperation of the health department. About 7,000 people, including club members and their families and many government officials who are not members of the club, benefited from the Corona test booth. During the Corona epidemic, telemedicine was arranged with the help of 96 doctors. Also, vaccinations were arranged at the club. On the other hand, other clubs in Dhaka could not make such arrangements, but due to the single effort and sincerity of the current general secretary, the corona prevention program was completed in Officers’ Club Dhaka. Mr. Mesbah Uddin was awarded the COVID-19 Hero Award by Rotary International for his unique activities during the pandemic.
A spectacular complex with two 12-storey buildings is currently being constructed at the Dhaka Officer’s Club. Before Mr. Mesbah Uddin took charge, the floor area of the new club building was three and a half lakh Square Feet, with an estimated cost of around Tk 228 crore. After taking charge, with his individual efforts, he was able to increase the floor area to about 5.5 lakh Square Feet and the estimated cost to Tk. 450 crores. During the conversation with the general secretary, he said that during the financial crisis of the club, after the pandemic, he personally organized many programs through sponsors from various institutions. As a result, the club benefited financially. With his dedication, honesty, and proper planning, the club has returned to financial solvency today.
When asked about the reason for Mr. Mesbah Uddin’s massive popularity and reliability among voters, he said, ‘I have fulfilled the promises that I made during the last election.I tried to establish the club with accountability with the cooperation of all by eliminating various financial irregularities.”
He promised, if he becomes victorious again, he will establish a diagnostic center operating by specialists, a physiotherapy center for medical tests at a nominal cost. The new building will have three separate swimming pools for men, women, and children, 4 badminton courts, 4 table tennis courts, billiard rooms, two yoga rooms, card and chess rooms, an auditorium with 1200 seats, and separate seminar rooms for the club members. He will set up a Muktijoddha corner for freedom fighters, cafeteria and lounge for senior citizens, a cineplex, a beauty parlor for men and women, women’s corner, special kids’ zone, a grocery shop, medicine corner, a salon, and laundry to make the club more comfortable for the respected members and their families. A parking lot for four hundred and fifty cars in the underground will be set up for the guests and members.
He has sought everyone’s cooperation in making the club smart, a place to cherish entertainment with peace and serenity. General members of the Officers’ Club think Mesbah Uddin will win the election by a massive margin.

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