NGEA promoting financial literacy

Six high school students have co-founded the Next Generation Economics Alliance (NGEA) to promote financial literacy and business engagement among underprivileged groups.

The promising minds include Dian Harrop-Williams, Ronald Vijay, Dmitri Sikder, David Bowen Hernandez, Morgan Jones, and Delfina Balidemaj.

As part of the organization’s mission, it employs a variety of strategies to achieve its goals, such as preparing students from underfunded schools for the prestigious National Economics Competition held in the United States every year. 

Besides offering online classes and workshops in the United States, the Next Generation Economics Alliance has also conducted online workshops and classes in countries such as Bangladesh and Colombia, having a global impact.

A growing membership of over 300 members, and seven classes held across different countries, makes it possible for them to reach out to an increasing number of people.

These classes encompass a wide array of economic topics, ranging from investment workshops to side hustle strategies and basic economic courses, tailoring their offerings to the unique needs of each community.

In order to become a member of this commendable movement and support their cause, individuals can register at their official website, (, where they can volunteer their time in furthering their cause, as well as take part in enriching workshops and classes that are offered.

In an effort to uplift underprivileged populations, the Next Generation Economics Alliance is serving as a beacon of hope, showing the powerful potential of youth-driven initiatives to provide financial literacy and engagement for underprivileged communities.

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