Shimul Hasan’s songs shaking the YouTube trending

When everyone is swimming with flow of becoming viral, Baul Shimul Hasan has taken the opposite direction and occupied a place in the hearts of millions of listeners by walking against this current by singing Bengali folk songs. ‘Premer Ki Naam Debo Bolna’   famed singer Shimul Hasan has already lent his voice for more than fifty original songs.   Now, the good news for this folk singer is his three songs have topped YouTube trending spot. And these songs have been released from Shimul Hasan’s own official YouTube channel. These three songs titled ‘Vainga Diya Amar Antar’, ‘Valobasar Dharan Valo Na’ and ‘Joubner Mb Furaiya Gale’ are currently trending on YouTube and Tik Tok.


Among these three trending songs, the two songs titled ‘Vainga Diya Amar Antar’ and ‘Valobasar Dharan Balo Na’ are composed by Shimul Hasan himself and tuned by Munshi Jewell. And Yunus Baul wrote cand tuned the song ‘Joubner MB Furaiya Gale’. Shimul Hasan sang this song live at studio. The videos of the songs are directed and edited by Jewel Azmeer.

Shimul Hasan prefers to sing folk songs which are traditionally celebrated in the thousands of villages across Bangladesh. Consequently, his songs received massive attraction in the countryside. He has lofty dreams in singing, and wants to cherish the life by singing. However, he did not become an artist very easily. After going through many ups and downs in the beginning, now success is raining on him.

Not just only in record labels, he has a massive demand in stage shows. He performs on the stages for regular basis. When asked about his magical journey in the arena of music, the singer opened up, saying,” I lead a simple life. I love songs. I want to cherish the spirit of our lands and men by singing. I am grateful to my audience. I hope they will keep me in their hearts.”

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