Heaven Tune’s great achievement in Islamic Music

With the rapid emergence of social media, different types of contents have become very popular, of which Islamic Nasheed has attained a massive attraction from the listeners. Heaven Tune, one of the pioneers who produces Islamic Nasheed, has gained huge popularity in this arena.

As one of the largest platforms of Islamic songs, they have achieved a milestone, garnering two million subscribers for their You Tube channel. The company also has a Facebook page with a million followers. Besides, Heaven Tune owns fourteen more pages, YouTube channels and groups; combining more than seven million subscribers, followers and members. Heaven Tune has become a popular name in Bangladesh and also in Bengali -speaking population around the world.

The organization has been working on various social platforms for the last five years with the aim of spreading Bengali Nasheed and Islamic songs all over the world. Sabab Bin Anas, Aqsa Binte Anas and Gazi Anas Rawshan have sung many popular songs in their voices. More than two thousand and five hundred singers from ten branches from Bangladesh, India and other nations lent their voices for Heaven Tune. It is a rare platform that wins the hearts of millions by only producing Islamic songs.

Directed by Gazi Anas Rawshan, Heaven Tune has attained a global fame. Heaven Tune selects potential artists from all over the country and provides them an opportunity to sing for free. Heaven Tune has a charitable organization called the Heaven Tune Foundation. Through this foundation, various initiatives are being taken to advance Islamic culture, to help, support, and rehabilitate poor artists to make them skilled. In addition, Heaven Tune Foundation extends help to the victims of various natural calamities, including distribution of winter clothes to cold -wave victims and distribution of relief to flood victims .

Gazi Sabab bin Anas, when he was just thirty months old, started his journey in the Heaven Tune with a song titled “Ami Chandke Boli”. It is a very rare feat that Sabab Bin Anas was so popular from his early age. Heaven Tune under the guidance of Gazi Anas Rawshan is now the most popular platform for Islamic faith-based songs in Bangladesh and Bengali -speaking population.

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