Ayman Sadiq and Munzereen Shahid to get married

The Founder and CEO of 10 Minute School, Ayman Sadiq, and author, speaker, English teacher Munzereen Shahid are preparing to get married, according to sources with close ties to the couple.

Their wedding reception is scheduled for the 23rd of September, as reported by local media outlets.

It’s worth noting that neither of them has made an official announcement about their wedding on any of their official social media profiles.

An e-print of their supposed wedding reception card, circulating on Facebook, revealed the reception date of the duo.

It read, “You are cordially invited to the wedding reception of Ayman Sadiq, son of Brigadier General Taiyebur Rahman (Retd) and Sharmin Aktar with Munzereen Shahid, daughter of Shahid Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury and Monowara Shahid.”

The news of their impending marriage quickly spread across social media, prompting an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from individuals close to the couple who shared their wedding invitation card online.

Their relationship has been a subject of fascination for quite some time, with many considering them a perfect match.

In 2015, Ayman Sadiq founded 10 Minute School, which has since grown into the largest online learning platform in Bangladesh. Munzereen Shahid, on the other hand, currently holds the position of Head of Human Resources and serves as an English Trainer at 10 Minute School.

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