Mahira Khan diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Mahira Khan’s Bollywood debut alongside Shah Rukh Khan left a deep impact, but not a pleasant one. The actress endured extensive trauma and depression following her role in “Raees”.Recently, during an interview on a podcast platform, the actress disclosed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which she linked to her experience with the film.

Mahira revealed that she has been taking medication for the past 6-7 years, and her condition worsened when Pakistani artistes were barred from working in India after the 2016 Uri attack.

On the podcast, Mahira, with tears in her eyes, shared her struggles with mental illness. She recounted that when she attempted to temporarily discontinue her medication last year, her symptoms became nearly unbearable.

She identified the backlash she faced after “Raees” as a triggering factor. “I ended up in a psychiatrist’s office and she diagnosed me with manic depression. I’ve been on antidepressants for six and a half years. I tried going off them in the middle and ended up in a very, very dark place.” Mahira described herself as a “very hopeful person,” but recognised that her ordeal couldn’t be resolved through prayers or spending time with friends. 

Mahira revealed that she had been ‘in and out of hospitals’ until last year, when her condition reached a critical point. “Yes, everyone experiences moments of sadness and happiness, success and failure, but clinical depression is a reality,” the actress added.

Mahira also explained how she felt during her lowest point, after she discontinued her medications. “I had a terrible time last year, I was in bed… I vividly recall being unable to even get out of bed to use the loo. It was that dark, and I was that bad,” the actress recalled.

“I remember saying to the Almighty, ‘I promise you, if you show me even a glimmer of hope or light, I will take it and run with it. And when it happened, and I resumed my medications, I woke up thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel like I can smile, feel lighter,'” concluded the actress. 

Mahira expressed gratitude to her friends, family, and therapist for their unwavering support during her ordeal. She also acknowledged the empathy of ‘the person she is with right now,’ who, despite not having experienced what she went through, was incredibly understanding. 

She wants as many people as possible to realise they are not alone if they are facing similar challenges.

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