Apu in awe after watching ‘Priyotoma’

From the former couple’s statements about each other now, it seems that they have let bygones take their place. Last Eid, both Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas’s films graced the silver screens and the artistes were all about lifting each other up. On a similar note, at a recent store opening in Tangail, Apu remarked that she has seen Shakib’s film “Priyotoma” quite a few times already.

The actress was alight with praises when she also added, “It’s an amazing film, there are only a few like it”. Apu also spoke about her own production, “Laal Shari”, expressing her satisfaction at the response it received. While speaking to the media, the actress purposefully avoided any questions related to her and Shakib Khan, regarding their relationship currently. However, in a previous statement, Apu did mention “Many people are happy to see us together, expressed their well-wishes too, which was nice. But we don’t want to say anything about what we will do with our personal life, what direction our future will take. What happens next, should stay a secret. I don’t want to get ahead of myself”.

Since earlier this year, Shakib and Apu have been speaking for each other, supporting each other’s films on social media and also have been seen touring together in the US. While neither of them have said anything concrete about their marital status, fans are left to speculate.

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