Mehazabien looks mysterious in ‘Ami Ki Tumi? poster

Director Vicky Zahed revealed the first look of Mehazabien Chowdhury in his upcoming directorial venture, “Ami ki Tumi?”. In the poster, the “Chirokal Aaj” actor looks mysterious and in pain.

She is wearing an oxygen mask, and her smeared-kohl-look reflects how distraught she is, hinting that Vicky is going to reveal some shocking twist in this project.

Vicky’s most popular series, “Punorjonmo”, had its last chapter (“Punorjonmo: Antim Porbo”) released this Eid-ul-Azha. The show remained on the top 5 of the trending list for many days. Today it is placed at number 12. After the outstanding response for the final chapter, Vicky announced a spin-off for the series, “Rafsan Haque”.

“Ami Ki Tumi?” will stream soon on Channel i’s OTT platform i Screen. The show also stars Shamol Mawla.

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