Film Fuljan to flow the cinema halls

The village girl, Fuljan is very appealing, good looking and attractive. The local stroller boy Raja who is always averse for any exertion desires to love Fuljan. But he was sentenced to three years jail for the evil deed.

However, Fuljan got married to Ramzan Gazi who lives an extended family. Fuljan has a brother in law who studies in the college.   But after a couple years, the distance between Ramzan and Fuljan begins to increase. For this, Sujan Gazi, becomes Fuljan’s supporter with deep love and she becomes her good companion also.

Raja is desperate to get Fuljan back from jail. On the other hand, his close health worker induces Tuni to Ramzan. Ramzan Gazi does not stay in his house due to frustration and loneliness.

In the same time, his family conflict escalates gradually. But one day Tuni and Sujan’s secret words changed everything in Ramzan. On the contrary, in compatible reason, Ramzan divorces Fuljan. On hearing the news, Raja rushes to take Fuljan to his house. Fuljan clings to Ramzan. But Ramzan wraps itself up. This film will be showing universally.

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