Digital cattle business gains popularity

Apart from the conventional and manual ones, digital business of sacrificial animals has become popular in the last moments ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha in the region.

As the means of avoiding sufferings and other chaos in terms of purchasing animals, digital and online business of the sacrificial animals has become popular everywhere in the region.

In the present busy civic life, digital sacrificial animal markets top the list of choice for both the sellers and purchasers in general benefiting both the sides in many ways enormously.

In the digital marketplace, many people booked their desired animals with advanced payment and they will get those before the Eid day.

Established farms remain in the choice list of the buyers in online sacrificial animal markets as they are availing the scope of seeing the animals in the online page together with fixing the price in video call.

Farmers said they are selling more animals online compared to the conventional system expressing their thanks to the government for successful promotion of the ICT sector.

Towhidul Islam, owner of Shahi Agro Organic Farm at Harian Ronhat under Paba Upazila in the district, said he posted video and photographs of his 40 bulls in his facebook page. He has, so far, has sold 25 of those and delivered eight of those.

He is expecting that the rest of the animals will be sold before the Eid day. He has taken responsibility for reaching the sold animals to the doorsteps of the buyers on time.

Islam said he has also arranged residential facilities for the buyers so that they can choose their animals before purchase, staying here for two or three days. He is also branding the organic issue.

Arafat Rubel, owner of Sawdagar Agro Farm, has become a successful beef fattener for the last couple of years. Ahead of the Eid-Ul-Azha, he has reared and fattened 32 bulls and has already sold all of those online.

Currently, he is receiving phone calls for bulls from different corners of the country but there is no more for sale.

Rubel said the matter of purchasing animals online is totally dependent on confidence and that must be built with utmost sincerity and honesty. The buyers always opt to get animals in their respective house without any sufferings. For this reason, the online market has become popular.

If all the farmers keep their respective business place and own branding transparent the buyers will be able to purchase animals at a fair price.

District Livestock Officer Dr Zulfiker Muhammad Akher Hossain said the selling and purchasing of sacrificial animals has been becoming popular since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The farmers who have established their branding are not going to the conventional markets for selling animals because demand for animals in online markets is more.

Apart from this, the established farmers remain on the top list of the buyers as they can purchase their animals with any harassment.

Meanwhile, with only a single day left for the Eid-ul-Azha, sacrificial animal sale reached peak despite comparatively higher price amid record supply following surplus production in cattle markets of Rajshahi division.

The cattle markets have been witnessing plenty of supply of locally reared sacrificial animals following a remarkable boost in the local animal husbandry sector in recent years.

According to market sources, the buyers prefer locally reared healthier and hygienic cattle-heads as sacrificial animals than the artificially fattened or extremely lower number of imported ones.

As a whole, the boosted up native cattle production has been dominating the markets of sacrificial animals. In most of the cattle markets, the buyers were seen opting to purchase native animals.

By virtue of house-to-house cattle and goat farming everywhere, the region has become home of surplus sacrificial animals counting to around 1.5 lakh compared to its demand.

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