Silent hands support incorporated compassionate nourishing communities

Silent Hands Support Incorporated demonstrated a remarkable act of compassion by distributing Ramadan food packs to 100 families in Panchagar District on Sunday (March 10) . The initiative, strategically designed to address the challenges faced by families during the holy month of Ramadan, included essential items for both iftar and sehri. Executing the distribution with precision, Silent Hands Support Incorporated ensured strict adherence to health and safety guidelines, recognizing the significance of Ramadan and the struggles faced by economically strained families. Each meticulously curated food pack contained a thoughtful selection of items, ranging from dates for iftar to staples like rice, lentils, cooking oil, and spices for sehri, catering to the nutritional needs of recipients. The beneficiaries conveyed profound gratitude for the timely assistance, acknowledging that the Ramadan food packs not only provided relief from financial burdens but also symbolized solidarity and compassion from the wider community. Founder Tahamina Ahammed Tania (Tajj Momo) reaffirmed the organization’s unwavering commitment to serving humanity, particularly during challenging times. She emphasized, “Ramadan is a time for compassion, and we are honored to support our brothers and sisters in Panchagar District.” Silent Hands Support Incorporated’s initiative stands as a testament to the Ramadan spirit, exemplifying the values of generosity and unity. As communities come together to offer support, this effort serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity, embodying the timeless principles of compassion and generosity. The active participation of key individuals, including Md. Rofiq ul Islam, Tarequl Islam, Mahmudul Hasan Sifat, Md. Kayum Mia, and Md. Rayhan Kabir from the organization, further highlighted the collective commitment that contributed to the success of the Ramadan food pack distribution event.

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