Hamida Parvin – a creator of diverse rooftop garden from Police

Hamida Parvin PPM is a Joint Commissioner of Police and Protection and Diplomatic Security of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP). Before being appointed to this post, she served for a long time (2019-2022) in the Women Support and Investigation Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

In 2019, after taking the great responsibility of Women Support and Investigation Division, Hamida Parvin as the Deputy Commissioner of Police, established the institution as a place of trust for victims by coordinating modern and humane policing in the activities of the Division’s Victim Support Center, Investigation Unit and Quick Response Team.

She created a large-scale social movement against cybercrime, drugs, child marriage, eviction and women abusing by conducting awareness campaigns in various institutions including schools, colleges, and garments. She turned the Victim Support Center into Anand Ashram for child and elderly victims. She was awarded with the “IGP’s Exemplary Good Services Badge” for the third time in 2022 as a reward for commendable roles in her division. In 2016, she was promoted as a Superintendent of Police and became the first woman officer in the Protection Department of DMP for more than three years and ensured the security of His Excellency the President, Hon’ble Prime Minister and many notable VVIPs/VIPs. She has been awarded the IGP’s Exemplary Good Services Badge twice (2016, 2018) and President Police Medal (PPM), the highest state medal of the police in 2017, in recognition of her professionalism, efficiency and prudence in performing the duties of this department for a long time.


From 2019 to November 8, 2022, in addition to humanitarian policing, she created a small rooftop garden on the roof of a seven and a half thousand square feet office building with 1,020 tubs and drums of different sizes, planting trees on the roof cornice in the Women’s Support and Investigation Division.


Her love for the trees, hobby, modern thinking, academic education and unbelievable efforts have been portrayed in creating this greenish and lush garden. She planted 12 unique species of trees, 48 species of fruits, 30 species of vegetation, 77 species for ornamenting, 15 species of native endangered species, 21 species of vegetables and others, 12 rare species and other including various spices and medicinal plants.



She used to make the seedbed on the roof. She produced various vegetables from the seedlings of the seedbed. She made organic fertilizers and cultivated safe vegetables without poison. She Worked on the roof on holidays and took care of trees in her free time. She made bird shelters in various trees in the roof garden, installed artificial fountains, and an aquarium decorated with lotus leaves made her rooftop garden a breathtaking sight.


Every day, she added new plants to her beautiful garden. Fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, medicinal plants and numerous flowers have brought endless joy to all the police members of that division, and she has received peace of mind by sharing the vegetables and fruits grown in the rooftop garden to his colleagues as gifts.


She has inspired her acquaintances to create rooftop gardens by arranging visits of her garden. Her green and lively garden was featured in various media including the Rtv, Gtv and the CNI. She applied for Hon’ble Prime Minister’s National Award in Plantation-2021 with the visual details of her rooftop garden. Various committees of the forest department Scrutinized her garden with the physical presence of their members.


Finally, the rooftop garden of “Women Support and Investigation Division” created by Hamida Parvin PPM achieved the first place in category ‘UMO’ of “Hon’ble Prime Minister’s National Award for Plantation – 2021” in the Rooftop Garden Creation category. Hon’ble Prime Minister has given instructions that not even an inch of land should be left fallow or uncultivated to ensure self-sustainable agriculture. To implement this order, Hamida Parvin took steps to plant various types of fruits, forest, vegetables and flowers on the rooftop of Women Support and Investigation Division.

Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, she has started a tree planting campaign in the fallen and unused land of her current workplace, keeping her commitment to become self-reliant in agriculture sector and building a self-sustaining Bangladesh by creating a diverse garden on her roof.

The nature-lover has now made a small garden even in a fragmented area with a great plan, compassion for trees and love and effort.

During her working life, she has removed the working stress by the garden. To work in a challenging profession in police of Dhaka Metropolitan, she involved in rooftop gardening for which she is going to achieve the “Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Award for Tree Plantation-2021.For this, we congratulate to Hamida Parvin for her remarkable achievement.

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