Mother Language road Festival held in Ilford

As part of the celebration of International Mother Language Day marking 71 years of language movement, Biswa Sahitya Kendra (BSK) UK organised a diverse road festival.

The open-air festival, held in Ilford town center on Sunday, attracted people of all walks of life and ages from various walks of life in Redbridge, including pedestrians.

Redbridge Council Mayor Councilor Jayaranjan, BSK UK Chair SM Zakir Hossain, Ilford Town Ward Councillor Syeda Saima Ahmed and other local councillors and residents of Bara were present, said a press release.

The mayor of Redbridge said that multilingual and multi-ethnic cultural heritage has enriched Britain.

Therefore, he said, the practice of mother tongue is very important in the discovery and development of cultural consciousness.

People of different races and castes who participated in the festival performed songs in different languages including Bengali, English, Hindi, Turkish, Tamil, French.

In the day-long festival, children and teenagers express their love for their mother tongue by arranging alphabets in their own languages and drawing pictures on large canvases.

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