Over 400 families get Eid Gift

Eid gifts were distributed among the needy people in Matlab North, Islamabad village of Chandpur district.

Eid gifts were given to more than four hundred families on the initiative of prominent social worker and educationist Enamul Haque Sikder, son of Alhaj Ali Ashrad, on Saturday morning.


Alhaj Ali Arshad and other family members were present during the distribution programme of Eid gifts, including Enamul Sikder’s wife, assistant teacher of Comilla Mordan School ,Fazilatun Nesa, elder daughter Nafisa Tasnim, and younger daughter Radia Tasnim . Abdus Salam, educationist Qadir Wahid Dorji, educationist Gholam Rabbani Rommel, Shahjahan Pradhan, journalist Nazmul Dorji, Borhan Dorji Suman Pradhan and others were also present.




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