Rafiqul Islam Navin Emerges as Chairman Candidate in Shekerhat UP By-election

In a bid to spearhead development and community welfare initiatives, social worker and entrepreneur Md. Rafiqul Islam Navin has announced his candidacy for the Chairman position in the upcoming Shekerhat Union Parishad by-election.

Navin, extending his appeal for support and prayers from all residents of Shekerhat Union No. 9, emphasized the pivotal role of local development in fostering a prosperous society and nation. He expressed his commitment to steering the wheel of progress and standing by the community through thick and thin.

“I don’t seek political power; I aspire to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the Union, supporting them in their joys and sorrows,” Navin affirmed, underlining his dedication to community service and environmental stewardship.

Navin’s candidacy has stirred discussions across political circles, with leaders and supporters alike rallying behind his vision for a modern and inclusive union. His reputation as a symbol of public trust transcends religious, caste, and political affiliations, garnering widespread support from diverse quarters.

As the favored choice in Trinamool, Navin is gearing up for the electoral contest, buoyed by the backing of the youth leadership who recognize his alignment with their aspirations and grassroots preferences.

Hailing from an A. League family, Navin boasts a track record of engagement in multifaceted developmental, cultural, and social endeavors within Shekerhat Union. His persona, characterized by integrity and astute leadership, has earned him acclaim among the populace.

With the majority of voters comprising young individuals, Navin’s candidacy resonates strongly, reflecting the proactive stance of the youth leadership in championing his candidacy to align with the electorate’s mindset and inclinations.

As the by-election approaches, Navin’s candidacy represents a beacon of hope for Shekerhat Union, embodying the potential for transformative leadership and community-driven progress.

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