Miami move makes Messi merry

Messi, who has scored nine goals in six appearances since joining Miami, joined the MLS club after two seasons in France with PSG.

Speaking to local media for the first time since arriving in Miami, a relaxed Messi talked positively of his life in South Florida and contrasted it with his time in the French capital, which drew to a close earlier this year with sections of PSG’s fans booing him.

“As I said at the time, my departure to Paris was not something I wanted, it was not something I wanted to leave Barcelona and, so to speak, it was from one day to the next,” he said. “And, well, I also had to get used to a place that was totally different from where I had been living all my life, both in terms of the city and in a sporting sense, and, well, it was difficult, but the opposite of what is happening to me now here,” he said.

Messi had been with Barcelona from the age of 13, when he moved from Argentina to join the Spanish giants and his move, after years of success, was primarily the result of financial difficulties at the club.

There had been speculation that Messi might return to Barcelona or join the wave of players heading to the Saudi league but Messi said he was pleased with his decision.

“I can tell you that I am very happy with the decision we made, not only for the game, for how it is going, but for my family, for how we live day by day, for how we enjoy the city, for this new experience and the reception of the people that was extraordinary from the first day, not only in Miami,” he said.

“I made two away trips with the team and the treatment of the people towards me was spectacular. So I am grateful and happy for the moment I am living and above all to be able to continue enjoying what I liked all my life, to play and to be able to do it in this way with joy,” he said, stressing his decision had made together with his family.

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