Experience is a major factor: Sabina

Bangladesh skipper Sabina Khatun said experience is a major factor behind her success and it always helped her to perform well in the field.

“In fact I always say experience is a big thing … I think that experience has worked for me…….I tried my level best to give effort on the ground in the day’s match and eventually got the success,” she said after the match.

After winning against Pakistan, Bangladesh skipper Sabina Khatun also expressed her high hope to give something good to the nation.

A dedicated player is never hundred percent content of his performance and I think more good things could have been done in the match. Efforts will be given to do something more good in the future,” Sabina said.

The prolific striker Sabina who scored hat-trick on the day and made the major contribution behind her team’s resounding 6-0 victory over Pakistan, said today their first target was to secure the semifinals of the championship.

She said India and host Nepal are always tough rivals in the tournament but her team has also a target in the tournament and hoped to bring some good news for the country.

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