Green Revolution is The First Step to Economic Liberation

Therefore, there is no alternative to ‘green revolution’ to make Bangladesh a hunger-poverty-free and developed-rich smart Bangladesh by 2041. For this, people of all classes and professions have to work together from the marginal stage.

State Minister for Rural Development and Cooperatives Md. Abdul Wadud (Dara) said that the first step to economic liberation was the ‘Green Revolution’ of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. Through this, the father of the nation spread new hope to every village in the rural areas of independent Bangladesh.


Addressing a total of 110 Deputy Directors from 63 districts of the country, the State Minister said that Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food. Yesterday the opening ceremony for two days in Deputy Director Conference-2024 was organized at the Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB) headquarters (Palli Bhavan). We export rice abroad. We no longer need much food imports. This soil is a soil of immense potential that is one of the most fertile soils in the world. It is very easy to grow all kinds of crops here. Agriculture has been our main livelihood for centuries. So now is the time to move forward by modernizing agriculture through new innovations and changing the fate of the immense people of the country.

The State Minister added in his speech that Bangladesh is now a role model for the world in the empowerment of women with the hands of the visionary leader Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Our women are also now contributing to poverty alleviation and GDP growth of the country. Women should work more along with men to move the country forward. At this time, the Deputy Directors highlighted various achievements, demands and problems before the Minister.


The state minister also said that if ‘one man is one farm’, any family’s sorrow will be relieved. Besides, others will benefit and income will increase. He said that entrepreneurship will be created at the rural level by ‘market linkage’ by restoring government abandoned land or warehouses. The government is determined to do whatever is necessary for this. But SME industry, institutions like Karupalli must be awakened by their own efforts.


Earlier, State Minister Wadud reached BRDB premises and paid floral tributes to the portrait of Bangabandhu. Then he visited Bangabandhu Corner along with officials. Later he unveiled the BRDB Annual Report 2022-23. Rural Development and Cooperatives Department Secretary Mosammat Shahnara Khatun gave a speech as a special guest and BRDB Director General (Grade-1) Ah Ghaffar Khan spoke as the president.

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