I never went with the flow: Sweety

On 11 August, Tanvin Sweety will grace the silver screens for the third time in her career with the movie ‘Mike,’ (sic) directed by FM Shaheen and Hasan Zafrul Bipul.

The movie, produced on government grants, is based on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic speech at the Ramna Race Course (now Suhrawardy Udyan) on 7 March, 1971. Sweety plays a central role in the film.

“The movie is going to be released in August, the month of mourning. Through the ‘Mike,’ the young generation will get to know about the history of independence, including Bangabandhu’s 7th March speech,” she said.

“I believe the movie will play an important role in highlighting the true history of the liberation war and Bangladesh. This movie will also serve as an important document of our liberation war era. I feel lucky to be a part of such a movie,” said Sweety.

In a modeling and acting career that has spanned over two decades, ‘Mike’ is only Sweety’s third film. When asked why she was never regular at acting in movies, Sweety replied, ” I actually never distinguished between dramas and films. Rather, I always waited for certain characters and scripts. I found those more in dramas and that’s why I acted mostly in dramas.”

“An actor is remembered by the audience through the portrayal of the characters they play. I have always focused on this very aspect in my acting career.”

In the golden age of Bangladeshi cinema, Sweety was at the peak of her career. How did she never land a movie or character she liked even while on top?

“Is everything under the control of the artists? When it comes to choosing artists for their movies, it depends on the preferences of the directors and producers. Besides, I never went with the flow. So maybe that is why I wasn’t presented with too many projects.”

Sweety further stated that it’s the abstract qualities which she values more than the number of roles she lands in movies.

“Personality and respect are very important to me.  I may very well not have been involved in a lot of projects, but the respect that people give me for whatever I have done, is of immense value to me. I understand what brings me peace. That’s how I try to lead my life.”

Nowadays many genres of movies are being made and the audience is also enjoying watching them. Moreover, drama actors are more often than not transitioning into the world of movies.

“Look, when an actor from dramas comes to movies, it is not right to look at the matter negatively. Acting is acting. You have to stand and shoot in front of the camera in dramas as well as in movies,” she said.

“The likes of Salman Shah and Moushumi also transitioned to cinemas from television. Many others started their careers from the small screens too,” she added.

“This is never a reflection of the incompetence of an actor. The only focus should be on whether the actor is good in front of the camera or not. Nowadays, stage and theater actors also come up with great performances when it comes to movies. Nasir Uddin Khan is a great and recent example of that. So if anyone has talent, it will definitely shine through,” Sweety added.

Sweety is not acting in any new movie for now, but she is regularly acting in serial dramas. Her last released movie was ‘August 1975’. The movie was directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony and was released last year. ‘Baashi’, directed by Abu Sayeed, was Sweety’s debut movie.

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