US poses worst nuclear threat to world

The US is the world’s largest source of nuclear threat and it must rethink its security policy, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a news briefing on Friday.

“The United States is the world’s largest source of nuclear threat. It should carefully rethink its nuclear policy, diligently fulfill its special and primary duty to disarm, thus reducing the role of nuclear weapons in the national security policy, and take meaningful practical steps to ease nuclear risks,” the diplomat said.

Mao also stressed that speculations about the nuclear threat allegedly posed by China were a pretext for the United States to expand its own nuclear arsenal.

As The Wall Street Journal said in early February, citing the US Strategic Command, China had more launchers for land-based ICBMs than the United States. The authors of the publication noted that some US lawmakers were calling for an increase in the country’s nuclear potential to confront China and Russia.

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