Russia is at war not only with Ukraine, but with collective West

Russia at the moment is conducting combat operations not only with Ukraine’s armed forces, but with the collective West, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said.

“I cannot but emphasize the fact that today we are at war not so much with Ukraine and the Ukrainian army as with the collective West,” Shoigu said.

He stressed that Ukraine had almost run out of its own weapons of Soviet manufacture.

“At this point we are really at war with the collective West, with NATO, or vice versa – with NATO and with the collective West,” he added, stressing that Russia was successfully finding ways to counter weapons being supplied to Ukraine by the West.

“As we talk about this (about Russia’s struggle with the collective West – TASS), we mean not only the weapons that are supplied in huge quantities. Naturally, we find ways to counter these weapons. We have in mind, of course, the Western systems that there exist: communication systems, information processing systems, reconnaissance systems and satellite intelligence systems,” Shoigu said.

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