Green malta’s garden on police outpost premises

In the premises of the Hajimara police outpost police station building in Raipur upazila of Lakshmipur district, a delightful garden of young trees, just one year old, has produced a plentiful harvest of malta fruits. The garden features nearly two hundred malta plants of improved varieties, creating a picturesque sight with their swaying branches and filling the hearts of all who visit.

The policemen at Hajimara outpost police station have found great joy in cultivating pesticide-free produce. The garden is not limited to malta trees alone; it also boasts a vibrant guava garden where ripe guavas can be plucked directly from the trees.

Expanding across approximately 3 acres of land at Thana Bhawan, the garden is adorned with around 40 different species of trees on either side, enhancing its beauty.

Abul Kalam Azad, the in-charge of the Hajimara police outpost, acknowledges the Superintendent of Police for overseeing the plantation of various fruit trees, medicinal plants, and flower seedlings. He expresses hope that the serene environment will leave a lasting impression on visitors to the police station.

Shipon Barua, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Raipur Police Station, praises the environmentally friendly nature of Hajimara Outpost Police Station, specifically highlighting the fruit garden. He emphasizes the positive impact such gardens can have on other police stations, serving as an inspiration for them to follow suit.

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