Russia using tactical nukes, Biden

US President Joe Biden believes the threat of Russia using tactical nukes is real, according to Reuters. “When I was out here about two years ago saying I worried about the Colorado river drying up, everybody looked at me like I was crazy,” the news agency quoted Biden as telling a group of donors in California on Monday. “They looked at me like when I said I worry about [Russian President Vladimir] Putin using tactical nuclear weapons. It’s real,” he added.

On Saturday, the US leader described as “absolutely irresponsible” Russia’s move to deploy its tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.

On March 25, Putin announced that, at Minsk’s request, Moscow would deploy its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, similar to what the United States has long been doing on the territory of its allies. Moscow has already provided Minsk with Iskander tactical missile systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons and has helped Minsk to re-equip its military aircraft to carry specialized weapons. As well, Belarusian missile crews and pilots have undergone training in Russia.

At a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on June 9, the Russian president announced that Russia would start deploying its nukes to Belarus immediately after the facilities for them are ready on July 7-8.

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