Herdman urges Canada Soccer to “get serious” about World Cup

Canada coach John Herdman has demanded more resources to get his team ready for the 2026 World Cup, saying the current approach from the country’s federation is “not serious”.

Speaking after his team lost 2-0 to the United States in the final of the CONCACAF Nations League, Herdman lamented only having four days to prepare for the Final Four of the tournament.

“It’s the preparation period. It does cost a lot of money to get things put together for these windows,” the Englishman said.

“I think it’s not a secret the organization has been suffering financially even through the World Cup qualification. You had coaches raising money to make sure we’ve got charter flights, security on those charter flights.

“I mean, that’s it. You know, we’ve got the best generation of players we’ve had. And there’s more coming, you can see it. (Ismael) Kone just dropped out the sky. Tajon Buchanan just dropped out the sky, Alistair Johnson, like it’s coming,” he said.

Herdman had led Canada to their first World Cup finals since 1986 and, although they went out at the group stage, he is convinced the team can progress much further when they co-host the 2026 tournament with the United States and Mexico.

“We’ve got to figure this out financially. We’ve got to get serious about winning a World Cup. When you play at home, you get a chance to win it. You get a chance to get to a quarterfinal, a semifinal, and then get on that roll to win it. And we’re not serious,” he said.

“We brought a World Cup to our country and we’re not serious about winning

Herdman said that, despite their defeat to the Americans, his team were “close” to the level needed to start winning against elite nations.

“So we’ve got to get real. We’ve got to get real and quick, because theseplayers, they deserve it. They deserve a shot. The country deserves it. All the people that work to bring it deserve a shot. Let’s get after it. We’re close,” he said.

The former Canada women’s team boss, Herdman said he needed to get his squad together for an extended spell in the September international window.

“I think the big step when I get back to work is to say ‘we’ve got to have that September window,’ we know we need to work. Whether we’ve got the resources to do it, I’m not sure,” he said.

The next test for Canada is in the CONCACAF Gold Cup later this month in which Herdman is expected to give opportunities to some back-up and youth players.

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