Movie halls showing ‘Poran’ due to demand

Raihan Rafi directorial “Poran”, which is based on true events, was released during Eid-ul-Adha. Both the production team and the actors were very active in terms of promoting the movie before its release.

Even after the release of “Poran”, the team behind the film have remained as active as ever. The team has been visiting cinema halls in various locations to gauge audience reactions. While “Poran” was initially released in 11 halls on Sunday, July 10, the movie will be made available in even more cinema halls starting July 15. This information was provided by the film’s distributors. In this regard, Zahid Hasan said, “Since the day of its release, there has been an interest from the audience in ‘Poran’. On the second day, the number of people coming to watch the movie doubled. Many people have had to return home as most of the tickets are sold out. So, keeping in mind the demand of the audience, the number of theatres has been increased. He also added, “The decision to increase the hall list for ‘Poran’ was made by theatre owners. This decision, based upon the success of the movie, is usually made after the first two weeks of a movie. For ‘Poran’ this decision came within just five days, as there is a lot of interest from the audience for the movie.” “Poran” is produced by Live Technologies.  The screenplay for the film has been jointly written by Shahjahan Sourav and Raihan Rafi.  The movie stars Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, Vidya Sinha Mim, Sariful Islam Razz and Yash Rohan in the lead roles.

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