BNP wants to introduce Pakistan-style politics

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP wants to introduce the Pakistan-style politics in Bangladesh rejecting the country’s independence.

“In fact, such statements of BNP leaders prove that they still want to introduce Pakistan-style politics in Bangladesh by rejecting the great independence,” he said in a statement.

The statement was issued protesting the remarks of BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir as the BNP leader said earlier that “they were in good position during the Pakistani regime”.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said through Fakhrul’s statement, the BNP’s traditional anti-Bangladesh stance and secret agenda of anti-independence ill-politics have been exposed once again.

He said no person or organisation believing in the country’s independence, sovereignty, democracy, progress and patriotism can make such comments which go against the spirit of the great Liberation War.

The AL general secretary said the BNP leaders admired the rule of Pakistani regime at a time when the Bangladesh’s progress, success, development and achievements have been lauded around the world.

Even the booming economy of Bangladesh has been commended in Pakistani parliament and media, but the BNP leaders are shamelessly advocating in favour of Pakistan, he said.

He said when the Pakistani intellectuals are expecting a skilled leader like Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the BNP secretary general is trying to return to the Pakistan regime.

Quader said, those who politically and personally uphold the politics of Pakistani philosophy in independent Bangladesh, are still chanting the mantra “Payre Pakistan” after 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence.

“Such a shameless statement made by Fakhrul is not only treason but also betrayal with the blood of three million martyrs,” he said.

He said such a statement of the BNP secretary general is the manifestation of the anti-Bangladesh plot of a vested quarter, including the BNP.

The road transport and bridges minister said the BNP is now talking about good governance, people’s security and poverty…..but the country’s people do not yet forget how the BNP-Jamaat alliance made Bangladesh a failed state during its regime.

The country was plunged into darkness without electricity, Quader said, adding that farmers were shot dead for staging agitations demanding electricity and fertiliser.

He said BNP institutionalised graft by opening Hawa Bhaban and destroyed all administrative institutions of the country by appointing their own cadres at all levels of the state through manipulation with the help of Hawa Bhaban.

The AL general secretary said the BNP destroyed the country’s constitutional and democratic institutions, including the Election Commission (EC) through numerous conspiratorial activities, including enlisting 1.23 crore fake voters and the appointing Chhatra Dal cadres as EC officials.

Bangladesh was made a sanctuary of militancy and terrorists by patronising notorious militants like Shaykh Abdur Rahman, Mufti Hannan and Bangla Bhai, he said.

Noting that Bangladesh experienced a series of militant attacks, including bomb attacks, during the BNP regime, Quader said the talks of people’s security by the people, who were the masterminds behind the August 21 grenade attack in 2004, is nothing, but a mockery.

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