Sudarshan Monti’s new song ‘Mon Bujhe Na’

Hridnoi Multimedia released a new music video song, sung by the composer -writer, and singer Sudarshan Monti.The song entitled ‘Mon Bujhe Na’ was penned and tuned by Monti while Shobyashachi Rony composed the song. This is the fifth original track of the singer. Earlier, he lent his voice to a duet song with Kona. Apart from this, Monti wrote and tuned more than half a dozen songs. In his personal life, he is a music enthusiast and works as chief executive for Chottogram’s renowned Metro Diagnostic and Doctor’s Lab. Monti opened up about his musical journey. “I am not a professional singer, but I like composing and tuning and I have a great desire to work with famous Indian -Bangladeshi singers,” said the singer.

It is to be noted that Monti’s other song ‘Botbrikkho’ which was released ahead of Father’s Day, garnered huge attraction from fans.

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