‘I am not like your exes, I can’t be touched at will’

The words may seem like lyrics from a pop song, or part of a break-up poem. These were however posted by Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni, who had been part of an ongoing feud with her husband Sariful Razz, that had taken a turn in the last few weeks.

Amidst the couple’s declaration that they will no longer stay together, Pori Moni recently posted a series of photos of herself, with a few phrases in Bangla. Her caption read, “This is how years pass, ages pass. How the months end as well. Some things still get away, like me. Once you lose, you lose. I am not like your exes, you can’t have me whenever you want’.

Much like most of her mystic posts, the underlying indication might be referring to her relationship with her husband. The rifts in their relationship especially came to light when last month, a few videos were released from Razz’s personal Facebook account, unveiling videos of the actor with his friends. While the individuals in the video and Razz himself dismissed the videos as friendly banter, a chain of accusations also brought forth the fact that Pori and Razz had been living apart.

Currently, Pori Moni and Razz are living apart, as their relationship has turned sour due to irreconcilable differences. Both of them have come on live and talked about their problems publicly.

Last Father’s Day this month, Pori Moni took an indirect dig at Razz, claiming that one day Rajya won’t have any memories with his father, as much as Razz has with other people.


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