Gogon Sakib’s first Hindi song

Gogon Sakib is one of the popular singers of this time. Various streaming platforms including YouTube have received a huge response to his songs. Now, Gogon Sakib sang a hindi song for the first time. After releasing the Hindi version of his self-sung Priya Priya song, it took the streaming platforms by storm. The song is currently at the top of music trending on YouTube in Bangladesh. The official view of the song released from Gogon Sakib’s official YouTube channel is more than 18 lakh. The Hindi version of Priya Priya is written by Hasinur Rahman and Megha Sarkar. The song is composed by Gogon Sakib, music arranged by Munshi Jewell. Talking about Hindi song for the first time, Gogon Sakib said, ‘Priya Priya song is my journey to success. So this song is always special to me. However, I did not think that the Hindi version will get so much audience.’ Meanwhile, Gagan Shakib’s YouTube channel has crossed 20 million subscribers a few days ago and Which is probably the highest among the native artists.

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