Sazu Khadem set to appear in Sanjit Sarker’s ‘Cheater & Gentleman’

Popular actor Sazu Khadem is all set to appear in Sanjit Sarker’s drama serial, “Cheater & Gentleman”. The shooting for the series is ongoing at Gazipur’s Pubail area. Also cast alongside him are Mir Sabbir, Dr Ejajul Islam, AKM Hasan, and Mou, among many others.

The comedy-drama serial is filled with characters who are cheaters in one way or another, with Sazu Khadem’s character being the only exception.

In the drama, Sazu will play a teacher, who goes from house to house, tutoring students of a village. However, he is usually more interested in the food served at the student’s house, rather than teaching them.

“To be honest, ‘Cheaters & Gentleman’ is a comedy filled drama,” says Sazu Khadem. “It’s really wonderful and I am really happy with my character. Those of us are acting in this drama are enjoying it quite a bit.”

“I am the only person in the entire village who is well educated. This builds a bit of arrogance in my character. Overall, I want to say that I am acting in a laughter-marathon of a drama,” added Sazu.

“Cheater & Gentleman” is being aired on RTV.

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