Govt plans area-based specific time load shedding

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday she is thinking of imposing area-based specific-time load shedding to reduce the use of fuel electricity generation in the power plants.

She added that she is considering reducing electricity production for some time to save the fuel for producing power.

In view of the global trend of price spiral, power scarcity and looming food crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war, the Prime Minister called upon all to be cautious in using electricity, make savings and grow more foods to ward off the situation.

“We have to be cautious from the very beginning. If we move ahead carefully, InshaAllah we will have no problem. This is my belief,” she said, addressing the 47th founding anniversary celebration of the President Guard Regiment (PGR) at its headquarters in Dhaka cantonment, joining the programme virtually from her official Ganobhaban residence in Dhaka, BSS reports.

The Prime Minister said the price inflation is taking place globally even in the developed countries like America, England, Great Britain and are now they are facing acute power crisis because of continued price hike of the electricity producing elements such as gas, diesel and LNG while the coal is not available mainly for the ongoing pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war.

She added that the world is also currently facing transportation problems as ships are not being operated regularly due to the war.

“But, the problem which is being created is not only a problem of ours but of the entire world. The Coronavirus and Russia-Ukraine war have pushed up the prices of oil across the globe and many countries are now facing power crisis. Besides, each country is now facing scarcity of everything,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the countrymen had witnessed 8 to 10 hours of load shedding everyday during the BNP-Jamaat regime.

“In that case, if we become economical and increase our savings, we can face any situation,” he said.

The Prime Minister asked every person, family and organisation to bring every inch of their land and water bodies under cultivation to grow more foods so that no food crisis can hit Bangladesh.

“Famine has started in many developed countries,” she warned, reiterating her call to give topmost priority to growing foods to reduce pressure on the market.

The Prime Minister said her government has reached electricity to every house, and is giving home to every homeless and landless person to take the country forward towards prosperity free it from hunger and poverty.

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