Imran’s PTI is coming to power in Punjab

Imran Khan’s party PTI won 15 of these 20 seats. The ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N has won four seats. The remaining seat was won by an independent candidate.

Imran Khan’s party is coming back to power in Punjab after winning 15 seats in this by-election. On the other hand, Hamza Sharif, the current Chief Minister of Punjab elected from Muslim League-Nawaz, will lose the Prime Ministership. Because now PTI has got majority.

25 lawmakers from his party PTI defected after former Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted in a trust vote. Among them, 20 people were selected. And the rest were reserved seats.

These members defected to the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. These defectors voted Hamza Sharif, the son of current Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, as the Chief Minister of Punjab. And as a result, Hamza Sharif became the Chief Minister of Punjab.

But Imran Khan approached the Election Commission about the issue. He brought forward the article of the constitution and said, according to the constitution, those who leave the party or go against the party do not have membership. As a result, the membership of the members who made the Muslim League leader as Chief Minister has been cancelled.

Imran’s plea was ruled in favor and by-elections were ordered by canceling the membership of 20 legislators elected on PTI tickets.

Meanwhile, PTI was in power in Punjab last April as well. But the then Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar resigned after organizing a trust vote against Imran Khan. The defecting legislators then voted for Hamza Sharif instead of PTI’s nominee for the post of Chief Minister.

After winning the by-elections in Punjab, ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan demanded to bring forward the date of national elections in Pakistan.

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