Zelensky says will ‘do everything to gain victory this year’

President Volodymyr Zelensky on
Friday hailed Ukraine and its people for fighting back against Russia and
vowed victory on the first anniversary of the war.

“We endured. We were not defeated. And we will do everything to gain victory
this year!” Zelensky said in a statement released on social media.

Early in the morning a year ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine, leading to
the worst conflict in Europe since World War II.

The war has devastated swathes of Ukraine, displaced millions, turned Russia
into a pariah in the West and, according to Western sources, has caused more
than 150,000 casualties on each side.

Sitting at a desk, dressed in a blue sweatshirt with Ukraine’s trident
emblem, Zelensky paid homage to cities that have become bywords for alleged
Russian war crimes like Bucha, Irpin and Mariupol as “capitals of

Ukraine’s resistance has surprised Russia, which was expecting a quick
victory, as well as observers all around the world.

Zelensky said the first months of the war “changed the world’s perception of
Ukraine. It did not fall in three days. It stopped the second army of the

The Ukrainian leader managed to rally Western financial and military support,
which helped Kyiv push back Russian troops.

“Ukraine has inspired the world. Ukraine has united the world,” in a “furious
year of invincibility,” he said.

“We will never rest until the Russian murderers face deserved punishment,” he
also said.

Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov said his forces were making plans
to push Russian troops out of the country.

“A year ago, it was difficult for us to get serious weapons. Today, civilised
countries see that you are the shield of Europe in the east,” Reznikov told
the armed forces on Friday.

“There will be a counteroffensive. We are working hard to prepare and secure

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