No info leaked from server: EC

AKM Humayun Kabir, Director General (DG) of the Election Commission (EC)’s National Identity Registration Wing, today said that no information was leaked from the server of the EC.

“As the Election Commission’s servers are secured, no information has been leaked from here,” he said while speaking at a press conference on security of the NID database at the Media Centre of Nirbachan Bhaban in the city’s Agargaon.

A total of 171 institutions and organizations take services from the National Identity Registration Wing and there is no threat to the data saved on its server.

“No data has been sent from our server. If I find any errors, I will cancel the contract with the relevant organisations,” he added.

He said if the portal of a partner, who has taken a verification service from EC, is not protected, some information may be leaked.

Noting that the leakage matter is being investigated, he said so far, the authority concerned has no problem with data centre and management.

“No unusual activity has been noticed on our server’s system yet. So, no information has been leaked from here,” he reiterated.

“We are looking into the matter,” he said, adding that he will examine the partners’ site.

He said an investigation committee will be formed with ICT experts and necessary actions will be taken afterwards.

The NID DG said: “We are working to ensure security of the NID database.”

Mentioning that he regularly monitors the functioning of the server, he said, “A total of 171 partner services are working safely. After watching the news yesterday, I have already started working,” he added.

A site has been detected as vulnerable, he said, adding the authority concerned will solve it so that civil services are not hampered.

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