Oboshorprapto Shontrashi released on YouTube

Pritom Hasan’s latest project, “Oboshorprapto Shontrashi” has finally been released on YouTube. Directed by Mabrur Rashid Bannah, this marks their first collaboration together. Both artistes seem super excited about their joint project, praising each other in the comment sections of their respective posts.

Bannah posted on his Facebook page yesterday, revealing the official poster of the drama. He wrote, “What can possibly happen in the life of an ‘Oboshorprapto Shontrashi’? Something serious? Very serious? Watch to see how serious it can get. First collaboration of Pritom Hasan with Sumon Bhai, experience 10/10.”

For all latest news, follow The Daily Star’s Google News channel. He then posted the link to the drama in his comment section. The drama has been released on Progati Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Earlier on, the one shot drama’s first look poster caused quite a stir due to its funky and artistic approach. Now, audiences will finally find context behind Pritom Hasan’s tattooed and mischievous look.

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